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Overnight Acne Cures Reviews 

This ebook makes some big claims.  And as someone who had severe acne at a younger age, it was quite upsetting.  But of course, the author was completely confident in the promises.
Here are the claims:

  1. Cured overnight
  2. Clear skin in 24 hours guaranteed
  3. Fights blemishes below the surface
  4. Smaller skin pores
  5. 96% success rate
  6. Scientifically proven techniques
  7. Low cost
  8. All natural acne cures, very safe
  9. Methods will help you develop a healthy lifestyle
  10. Uses natural ingredients found in your own kitchen
  11. Easy to use ebook
  12. There is no mention of eating foods on the sale page

Let me address these one by one…..

1) Cured overnight - This was the most ridiculous statement on the sales page before buying this product.  I absolutely did not believe it.  No where in the book does it tell you specifically how to do this.  You have to bumble around with random recipes until maybe you find one.  Busted.

2) Cured in 24 hours – They brought this up over and over again.  Same answer as above.  Ridiculous and Busted.

3) Fights blemishes below the surface - The first recipe actually caused a zit in my opinion.  A big one.  And I rarely ever get those big painful ones anymore.  Got one after the first night but haven’t had one in the past month since I stopped using these recipes.  Busted.

4) Smaller skin pores - I don’t care about skin pores.  But my pores looked bigger.  Busted.

5) 96% success rate - There is no mention of this study.  Maybe this is referencing the 4% return rate on the ebook because people typically forget to request their money back.  This claim has no basis or references.  Busted.

6) Scientifically proven techniques - Same answer as in #5.  I’d like to add that she mentions ancient oriental skin recipes.  But there is no mention of that in the book and I think that many of the ingredients in her recipes were probably not used in ancient cultures, such as mayonnaise, toothpaste, hemorrhoid cream, and other things I consider current.  Busted.

7)Low cost – Many of these ingredients require Rose Water or Coconut Water or things you have to buy.  I wouldn’t say these are really expensive but since the claim at some point said items from your kitchen for pennies, I was not happy with being told to buy those things.  Busted.

8) All natural acne cures, very safe - Most were safe.  But some had ingredients like hemorrhoid cream or toothpaste.  Toothpaste frequently has fluoride.  Either way, I don’t consider these natural. Furthermore, her free gift is some standard brochure about acne that promotes regular medicine.  Busted.

9) Methods will help me develop a healthy lifestyle - The methods do not help you “develop” a healthy lifestyle.  They help you have a healthy lifestyle.  You have to be willing to work hard to make the changes.  More on this in #12.  Busted.

10) Use natural ingredients from kitchen - 16 recipes can be made from normal household kitchen items.  15 require ingredients you would not find in a kitchen.  That is just from 2 sections.  The recipes aren’t that great so don’t get excited by the quantity of recipes.  Busted.

11) Easy to use ebook - There is no guidance or instruction to this book.  There is very little text and it is spread out everywhere with lots of spacing and stock images that don’t match up to the page content.  I had no idea what to try or any methods or any systems of how to get the best results or find the best methods for me.  This may have aggravated me more than anything else in the book.  It was just a book of recipes that is only 26 pages long.  If you take out the 10 pages of title and contents and other wasted things, it’s more like 15 pages of spacey vague material. Busted.

12) No mention of diet changes on sales page - So the sales page never mentions that you should change your eating habits for success.  However, this is probably the biggest recommendation the book makes.  It tells you to do a complete overhaul of your diet.  An overhaul that is unrealistic even to someone like me who has done extreme diets and cleanses before.  Lying by omission.  I was not willing to change my diet.  Revealed and Busted.
This book is horrendous.  It was the first book I bought so it naturally raised some concerns that all ebooks are a waste of time.  Well, I know that isn’t true anymore.  But this one is awful.  Do not buy this book.

Someday I’ll try another acne book but this one is so bad that I think I need a break.  If you want to recommend one for me to try, just let me know.
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  1. What causes acne:

    - Bad foods. This is important! These foods induce acne because they're acid/mucus forming and cause the immune system to become weakened. The body does not know how to digest and utilize them properly, so instead, it pushes the toxins out through the skin causing buildup and then spots. One must eliminate ALL of these foods if one wants beautiful clear skin. There is NO exception. If I eat these things I breakout, and I'm absolutely positive that others that suffer with acne do as well. It's that simple. So here they are: Dairy, gluten, processed sugar, too many nuts, alcohol, caffeine, fried foods, and processed foods.

    - Lack of water. I never drank water the way I do now, and that was a big problem. The body cannot function correctly without proper amounts of water, specifically the organs. So of course this affects the skin, which is the largest organ of them all.

    - Lack of sleep. Not just enough sleep, but quality sleep. I didn't know that it was so important, and that it's the most critical time for healing. So without this sleep the body cannot, and will not, heal properly. Evening gaming, late-night movies, school work, or unfinished art projects are never worth staying up for. I found this out the hard way, so get it done during the day.

    - Stress. This can be the cause of almost any issue, including breakouts. Stress actually irritates the skin which can lead to redness, blotchiness, and even more sebum production which then can cause acne. It truly affects every cell in your body. I spent way too much time fretting in front of the mirror, which only made matters worse.

    - Lack of exercise. Not moving is one of the most taxing things on the body. Unhealthy individuals actually have less blood vessels in the skin and therefore the body doesn't get it's much needed oxygen. Not going outside in the sun too is problematic because insufficient sun makes skin dull and takes longer to heal.

    - Environment. Over showering daily with hot water, touching one's face, sports gear, cell phones, makeup, dirty pillowcases, etc. are all things that may actually cause breakouts if the preceding issues haven't been addressed. A weak body may not be able to handle these things. So they could also become a problem, but are not a definite cause like the other factors listed over.

    So now that we know that we're not doomed by genes, age, or gender, here are some things to help combat acne and get rid of it for good.

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